Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Beautiful Names of Moths - Part 2

Black-tipped Ermine, Yponomeuta plumbella
The second batch of newly hatched July memberships have been done and dusted, if not actually posted yet. The carrot cake got made and has turned out well.  That meant I had to shop first.  Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, and being out in it for just 30 minutes knocked me out so much that have not been able to go out this morning...   Its worrying.  Could it be a side-effect of the medication.  Certainly a previous med, the one I had to come off, made me super-sensitive to the sun.  Perhaps that side effect is long lasting.

Growing old is a tiring and complicated business.  But it was never meant to happen to us. Not in this way. Not stuck in a dying body.

Jacks is back, hurray. And we shall see her for supper.

Captain Butterfly - should I say Captain Moth - has found a meadow full of  Black-tipped Ermines.  A lovely name for a lovely creature.  I hope to visit the meadow with him one evening and see them for myself.

There is much flutter in the Butterfly World as a Yellow-legged Tortoishell (or Scarce Tortoishell) is visiting us this summer.  

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