Saturday, 12 July 2014

Back to the Field - Part 2

Feeling very apprehensive, I quavered off to the field service group this morning thinking that I must actually get back on the door to door work.   It was a very hot morning too.  Where were we working?   Clymping. A bit of a drive - a difficult drive back.   A very awkward right hand turn into traffic.

I prayed to Jehovah for help.  And...

,,,the kind brother conducting the group - Ron - scooped me up and took me with him.  It is a long, winding and lovely country lane - where we went for our wedding anniversary - and Ron said we would stop as soon as I could go no further and he would go back for the car and take me home.

We managed an hour together - and while everything aches,  I did do better than last time.  We found very few at home - and nobody interested in what we had to tell them - oh and one lady who was a visitor to the country lane (cat sitting), who is studying the Bible with us back in her hometown!

Once again, I got the sense of the power of the worldwide preaching work.  Sue and another sister were out with the bookstand and as Ron and I went up to the Hall to get it for them, our brothers and sisters from the Hall Field Service group were streaming out, with their maps and their territories, all looking very cheerful.

I must now start thinking about getting back to the weekday groups.

Col took us out for lunch yesterday.  We were going to Warnham but it started to pour with rain as we set off so we went to Arundel instead.  Met Terry and friends, and gave Terry a lift back. We shopped and bought a half leg of lamb which I must now go and cook.  Hot today, cold tomorrow. Can't believe the price of red meat nowadays, we so rarely buy it.

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