Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Honey Crisis

I was cooking the ginger and honey chicken yesterday (Tom and Jackie are coming for supper tonight).  It is one of those recipes that tastes much better for being cooked the day before - when I realised we were out of honey!   At least not out, the current jar was empty, but Captain B buys our honey in binloads (its cheaper by the ton) and I didn't know where his cache was.  And he, with several others of the Butterfly persuasion, were in Dorset for the day, chasing after the rare Duke of Lulworth Cove Fritillary (or words to that effect). See his blog for details.

I rang him on his mobile, but he must have installed a "When Your Wife is Cooking" app as it refused to talk to me or let me leave a message.

Summer has arrived with a vengeance, though we did get some much needed rain this morning.  It was hot hot hot yesterday, the sea was a sparkling blue - the balcony geraniums glowed in the sun - and the players at Wimbledon kept falling over on the dry dusty grass in truly terrifying fashion.

The Butterfly paperwork arrived yesterday and I am ploughing through it.  I had intended to go to the Field Service group this morning, but my shoulder is playing up and Col asked me not to, as if it flares up he will have to cook the supper for us all tonight.  I am hoping to get out tomorrow as there is a field service group after the meeting.  That is if the Captain is out a'butterflying and not at home requiring lunch.

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