Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Day of the Rhubarb Crumble

Linda came over for a swim and tea yesterday (quiche, salad, and a creamy dessert from Waitrose), and she brought us some rhubarb, which I crumbled today.  Captain B had a day in for a change - it was roasting hot - and so he had crumble and custard for his lunch (along with a plate of salad left over from yesterday).

It was the meeting tonight...  I must try to get back out on the doors...  had a long chat with Tamar, and of course Maggie, who always saves my seat for me. And Val. She and I have regular commiseration sessions about our operations/arthritis/medications and what the doctor said to us when we had our tubes tilted.

Old age is a strange strange business.

I have been reading Gordon Ramsay's autobiography and a biography of David Jason, which I found in the Charity Shop round the corner from Waitrose.  Not a lot to say about either of them, though they were both very readable.  The David Jason bio brought back some wonderful moments from "Only Fools and Horses". And Gordon Ramsay's book shows that it is possible, though painful, to rise above a difficult childhood.

Another passenger plane has gone down.   Air Algeria, with 116 people aboard. There is no suggestion it was shot down.    Jehovah has so many to remember, but if we keep in mind that he knows every star in a universe more vast than we can comprehend, we don't have to be anxious about it.

Once again, I hope that, whatever happened, it was over very quickly for passengers and crew, and they have the joy of an awakening ahead of them - when the time comes.

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