Thursday, 17 July 2014

Jill and the Swallows

We were looking at the old swallows nests in the barn/garage.   They have nested there for years, but this year when they came, they stayed a couple of days, then Tom saw them looking in the kitchen windows...   Then they left.

We have to wonder if they were looking for Jill. She was a great cook and often in the kitchen. And she died on Christmas Day.   At any rate, the swallows left and have not nested this year.

Tom had taken us out for a lovely lunch at Angmering Manor.  The boys had steak and chips, I had haddock and new potatoes.  Then we all had panacotta with berries.   Plus a bottle of wine.  And coffee and shortbread biscuits in Tom and Jill's lovely rambling cottage garden afterwards.

Still expect Jill  to come out and join us...   the wrongness of death... and the hope of the resurrection.

Lara and I did our talk at the Hall this evening.  I was very troubled by not having my hair to hide behind, but we got through it - and within the time constraints.     The Congregation is stressing the importance of the informal preaching work alongside the door to door work.

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