Monday, 7 July 2014

An Anniversary

Tom and Jacks came on Saturday night.  It was a fun evening, as it always is with them.  My Chinese food didn't turn out so well as last time - but the cheeseboard was lovely and so was the dessert - mousse of various flavours.  Thank you Mr.Waitrose.   Drove to the meeting on Sunday, and gave Maggie a fright as I suddenly arrived at my seat just as it was starting.

I had got sidetracked by meeting a regular visitor we have - a gentleman in a wheelchair who had two knee replacements a couple of years ago.  We discussed our operations and compared scars thoughtfully and suddenly realised the meeting was starting.  I had to hurtle (in a slow kind of way) to the other side of the Hall to my usual seat.

There is no teaching like it.    As people said when Jesus was on the earth - he teaches "with authority".  And the authority is Jehovah's inspired word.

Its our 41st wedding anniversary today. And we are both hobbling!  

I hope we will be here on the earth celebrating our 441st.

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