Friday, 2 August 2013

Thunderstorms on the South Coast.

A thunderstormy breakfast. I have just moved the cushions indoors from the veranda.  The balcony geraniums and the mint are starting to blow about, and there is a lovely soft light on everything.  The Channel is starting to ripple, but no waves as yet.

So its already August and we are tumbling towards Autumn.  My favourite season.  But this year it marks the start of my knee operations.   We had a visitor at the Kingdom Hall last night - he is studying with us I believe.  He had his knee ops two and a half years ago, and was in a wheelchair and still in pain... aarrgh...

I was relieved to come back and find an email from Don, an internet friend, telling me how successful his knee operation had been.  

Oh well, I don't seem to have any option - child of Adam that I am.

A lovely meeting, of course. We are still in our study of the valiant Hebrew prophet Jeremiah. We also discussed the experiences of Witnesses in Myanmar - who like Jeremiah have endured valiantly in the preaching work.

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  1. of course, at times like this, it's nice to quote your saviour Jesus who had simply said in John and Matthew and the other gospels, love your God and love yourself and all your neighbours, forgiving them their sins as they forgive yours, too. Jesus had remarkable healing powers and he should respond to your acceptance of the Holy Spirit and be healed accordingly by Him and Her and all the Angels that will hover over you and help you through these troubled times. God Bless you Susan. May all your problems be such little ones quite easy to resolve. A trusting in your God should be sufficient, as it is for you... May Love and Happiness be yours, forever! Izzy Ess from Wilderness, in Canada, so safely moved to my new quarters in a cheaper part of town where I can write and paint and play with Pee-Pee all day long...