Sunday, 11 August 2013

Grateful not to be a Centipede

Friday was a day of medical terrors - all pre-op stuff.  All to be gone over again for the second knee op - assuming I survive the first one.  Which is why I am very grateful I am not a centipede - or I would be going through this one hundred times.

Yesterday was recovery, with a bit of study and some housework. A load of the books I have ordered arrived and were whisked away and hidden by a stern Captain Butterfly before I could read them all. They are supposed to be for my hospital stay and subsequent convalescence.

Being a great armchair climber, I have ordered some more climbing books, including that classic "The White Spider" which is going to be really harrowing.


  1. ... or a millepede...

    i'm happier because you're happier!

  2. Millipede!! Good point Izzy - I would single-handedly (or thousand leggedly) bankrupt the National Health Service.

  3. touche! and it's nice to be communicating once more! Get Well Soon and God Bless!!