Friday, 16 August 2013

The Bavarian Branch

The Bavarian Branch of the family arrive this morning for a short stay. We haven't seen them for some time, and are looking forward to it.  Jacks is coming round tonight to join us in a Thai takeaway.

Two hours of Bible study last night at the Kingdom Hall were the usual lovely antidote to all the horrors going on in the world, and I am wondering how long after my operation before I will be able to get back to meetings.  All our meetings are teaching meetings.  They will link me in by phone line though, so I won't be missing any teaching. I am wondering if I will be able to listen in when I am in hospital - I think you have a kind of private phone arrangement by the beds - but religion is a very touchy subject, so I think I will content myself with taking in my Bible and Watchtower and quietly doing the study article and hoping and praying that I will be back home for the Thursday meeting.

The balcony mint is getting very tall and is flowering. There is a real feeling of the coming Autumn in the air today.  No problem with that.  I love Autumn, and I love the way in which the summer winds down so beautifully into it, but its realising how short the seasons are - how quickly they fly past.  And wondering how many more I have left.

Though I am hoping for unnumbered Autumns in the restored earthly Paradise, so if there is an Autumnal feeling in the air, its a lovely feeling, and full of hope.

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  1. Good morning Sue. I wish i could meet your family in person...

    you sonsistently paint such great visual images with your words. it is inspiring to me.

    good luck with your kith and kin and relationship with jesus. GOD BLESS!