Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Light on the Channel

There is such a lovely light on the Channel this morning - I wish I could paint it for you.  The sea is turquoise and blue and blue grey, with shining white horses springing up all over it, and the balcony geraniums are dancing in the wind.

It is painted and created by the Grand Creator Himself, Jehovah of armies, the God of Abraham.  He made it all so lovely - just for us.

It was a very quiet day for me yesterday, though not for Captain Butterfly who was out chasing the wild Clouded Yellow herds, braving the thundering antenna to get some wonderful photos - as you will see if you click on The Captain's Log.   I roasted a freshly shot Clouded Yellow for our tea... no, wait a minute, I didn't.  It was veggie stew plus baked apple and custard.

And I forgot to put the sugar in the custard.  How many times in my life have I made custard?  Its always worrying when you get to my age and start forgetting things...

Tomorrow, the congregations worldwide will be considering "Safeguard Your Inheritance by Making Wise Choices".   And I did my studying for that out on the balcony.

It has nothing to do with tax issues and the recession let me quickly add. The questions being considered are:
How would you define our spiritual inheritance?
What warning lessons can we learn from the actions of Esau?
How can we safeguard our inheritance?

If you want to know, please drop in to the meeting at your local Kingdom Hall tomorrow.

Last night we watched the repeat of the final episode of the latest version of Sherlock Holmes. Wonderfully cast, with Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes.  And still very moving as Watson(Martin Freeman)  turns and walks away from Sherlock's grave in the churchyard.

The point being of course that Sherlock will soon return.  Not alas, Moriarty (brilliantly played by Andrew Scott).  At least I assume not, under the circumstances.

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  1. Sue, you paint a lovely picture with your words, i'm wondering if you do, indeed, paint. I love painting. I paint in acrylics, oils and watercolours and almost anything available... It is relaxing and like words, it expresses deeper feelings than i realize. you must be able to pick out meanings from my words; you have already done so with a wonderful effect on me. God Bless you and keep you safe. A bientot, my soul-mate. best of luck in everything. dizzyizzy