Sunday, 18 August 2013

Consoling chocolates

Philip and Seppi bought us some home made jam and a box of chocolates. I meant us to have the chocolates with our coffee after our Thai meal, but I forgot about them.

However, it worked out well as a friend who is going through some severe emotional turmoil came round on Saturday night, and so we got out the wine and opened up the chocolates - for medicinal purposes.

The British team has just been disqualified from the 4 by 100 relay.  We thought they had the bronze, but they had got one of their baton changes wrong.  Captain Butterfly worried that they would before they even started and sadly he was right.

I chauffered myself to the Kingdom Hall this morning, while the Captain detected metal with the club.   It was raining a bit, but is sunny now.  The Channel is sparkling away outside the window.


  1. as a chocoholic, i drooled about your consuming chocolate after a gourmet meal... 50 years ago, in switzerland, i worked right beside the Toblerone factory. I used to say, i gained 3 pounds by opening my basement lab window and taking in a deep breath... Good morning and happy landings! God bless you and keep you safe.

  2. Hello Izzy, from a fellow chocoholic. I don't have a sweet tooth as such, except when it comes to chocolate. Good chocolate - like toblerone.

  3. i just can't resist any chocolate concoction, such as chocolate thick syrup on chocolate, fudge ice cream... it's better than sex, these days of my quiet senility... GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD FOR TEACHING US TO MAKE CHOCOLATE FUDGE... HAPPY LANDINGS MY DEAR SUE... i trust your surgeon likes chocolate, too!

    1. And what other wonderful things are in store for us when the earth is restored to paradise?! I hope we are both there to find out.