Thursday, 8 August 2013

Not a sparrow falls


 by me

Basil lies across me
Furry, warm
I lie awake and worry 
He is calm
I twist and turn
He sleeps and purrs
And sometimes dreams
Of fancy mice
And frantic birds.

We had to re-home our three cats Cindy, Basil and Custer when we became expats. And it is still very painful to think about that.  They must have died many years ago.  

My consolation - my only consolation - is that the Inspired Scriptures assure us that not a sparrow falls without Jehovah's knowing it.  He knew Cindy, Basil and Custer, and loved them even more than we did.

And  He loved Whites, our fierce Saudi cat too.  He was a battered old stray we took in for the last years of his life. We buried him our garden with a few tropical flower petals, so that if anyone found him they would know that he was loved.

A very quiet day yesterday.  Col left early for his fund raising day, followed by a BBQ in the evening. And I did disgracefully little - some studying, a letter and some emails answered, a bit of routine housework, and a lot of re-reading of my Agatha Christie's.  Just finished "Sleeping Murder", just starting on "Crooked House".


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  2. as a jew, every sparrow was my christian inspiration for the philosophy i formulated for the beginning of my life long quest to find out the truth about the spirits of the universe, who dominated my soul ever since i can remember...