Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Let Them Eat Mangetout!

Jamie Oliver has caused a lot of controversy with his remarks about the way people on benefits manage their food budgets, including a rather unfortunate remark about mangetout being cheaper when bought from your local market.

An obvious problem, leaving aside the mangetout, is that not everyone has a local market within walking distance these days.

Food Poverty seems to be the new black. The Beeb (I think it was the BBC) had a programme on recently where celebrity chefs helped low-income families to cook nutritiously and cheaply.  And it was clearly needed - one pensioner was living on cuppa soups.  Of course, you could also say that a larger state pension would help...  but as that is not on offer, any help has to be good.

And some of the advice was good. But some was dubious; for example, we were reminded how important it is to shop round the various supermarkets.  But I'm not sure how you can do that on a low income, with no car.  And small children. You, presumably, have to shop at whatever is within walking distance.

However, Jamie has a new series coming up - and its all good publicity.  And I am always receptive to ideas for how to eat well on less.  I had a chicken curry from the chill cabinet of a local supermarket a couple of weeks ago, and also made one from scratch for us.  The curry I made was far from brilliant but it was a lot better, and cheaper, than the chill cabinet one. Plus the oil I used was olive oil.  

I think that is the point Jamie is trying to make. And good for him.  I think he will be able to make it effectively.  He is good at showing that cooking can be fun.

Its a lovely sunny morning by the English Channel.  Philip and Seppi arrived last night, having had a great holiday in the West country.

I am still waiting to find out what the new date for my postponed operation will be.

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  1. if u postpone it forever, you will heal by the power of the holy spirit and be whole and painfree, forever...

    it's a sign you do not need surgery...

    yummy mangetoot...

    love, izzy, get the teapot ready, i'm coming over there and defend you from your reluctant surgeions...