Tuesday, 27 August 2013



 by me

Sasha slides crossly past the sprinklers
On the lawn
What business does his Person have
Turning them on?

This garden is one large sand tray
And Sash could really feel at home
If Mara wouldn’t mess it up with grass
And soggy, peaty loam.

Sand and sun and birds to catch
A Person of his own
Araby would be Paradise
If no for that darned sprinkler on the lawn.

Another cat from the past.  From our early days in Araby, when we spent a lot of time at Mara's - and with her beautiful fluffy Siamese.

Its a sunny morning here - with a calm blue Channel outside.  The Bavarian branch return for a couple of nights on their way back to Germany  - and we are having another Thai takeaway.  Col chauffered me to the meeting on Sunday morning - wonderful talk, given by a local brother.

How much we - the human race, the children of Adam - need the incoming Kingdom of God - the heavenly government that will make "all things new".

I can't think what I did yesterday, beyond my studying on the balcony. We - the worldwide congregations - are still in our detailed study of Jeremiah, trying to learn from his faithful example.  And I did loads of washing so it would all get dry and out of the way before the visitors arrive.


  1. Sue, unexpected playfulness... you must be feeling better. yay! i like the atmosphere of the poem and it's joviality and optimism and the spunk of the speaker... Great! Save some tea for me, i'm flying over my spirit to enjoy some with you. all the best. god bless and hallelujah! love, izzy. this is the season that all of my children were born. i sent them a generic card and asked whoever knew the whereabouts of two of them, should pass it on, if they have the time and inclination..."wenn sie zeit und lust habst, eh?

    1. Hello Izzy, do you like Earl Grey tea? Lemony, and my favourite.

      So glad you like the poem. Sasha was a friendly, fat and furry Siamese cat I knew in Saudi Arabia, many years ago, in our expatriate life.

      I love this season - late Summer/Autumn. How many children do you have? You say all were born at this time. We think that Adam probably first opened his eyes in an Autumn garden - because didn't the Jewish year begin in Autumn. A garden planted by the Creator of gardens. We can see such loveliness in Autumn now, so I suppose we can have some idea of what that garden must have been like.

      IF I get to be in the restored earthly Paradise, I hope one day to be able to ask Abel (when he is woken from the sleep of death) if they could get a glimpse into the Garden of Eden, into Paradise, after they were expelled from it. I am wondering if faithful parents would take their children to the guarded gates and explain what had happened and what we had lost, and show them Jehovah's promise that Paradise would be restored earthwide.

      We went to Tasmania once, many years ago, in the Autumn. Maybe that was as near to the garden Adam woke up in as we can now get. It seemed like the perfection of Autumn to me. And the night sky! For the first time we understood why The Milky Way is called the Milky Way. We lay out on the grass for ages, just watching it.

      As the Psalmist said: "The heavens are declaring the glory of God, and of the work of his hands the expanse is telling..."