Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Masterclass in Thai Cooking

Linda came round to cook a Thai dinner for us last night. She arrived laden down with supplies and made us a Green Chicken Curry with lots of fresh vegs, with a tropical fruit and lime salad for afters.  She even provided prawncrackery things for a starter.  We provided the wine, and I helped in a minor capacity in the kitchen.

It was excellent - a real Thai taste, without being hot - and I had the remains for my lunch today.  Captain Butterfly is out in the wilderness of the Downlands somewhere with his sandwiches and marmalade muffin. We have chatted on the phone but mid-sentence there was a cry of "There she blows!!" and off he went, camera at the ready.

It has been a paperwork morning- toiling over the latest batch of Butterfly Memberships.  All are now ready to go to the Post Office, and if I can get the second half of my magazine route done then they can all go together tomorrow, and it will only be one trip to the Post Office for the Captain.

Two British girls have been caught at the airport in Peru, allegedly leaving with heroin in their luggage.  I have two harrowing memoirs in my bookshelf, one by Sandra Gregory ("Forget you had a daughter") and the other by Rita Nightingale ("Freed for Life").  Both served time in Bangkok for drug offences.  And how I wish these two young girls had read those harrowing accounts before they went to Peru. Would it have made them stop and think?

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  1. if one reads the harrowing accounts, one would go nowhere and merely hide in the closet awaiting Armageddon and certain death... it's like when you go to a movie house. if you read the reviews you'll never see the best films. personally i read only the cast of actors and if i have trusted them in the past, they will be trustworthy now and deserve my hard-earned money... Love, Izzy.