Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Walter de la Mare - and The Travellers

I have been browsing through  "Poem for the Day, One" edited by Wendy Cope.  Pen bought it for me, and it is a treasure of a collection. I keep finding new things along with old favourites.

And I just found this.  A quote from Walter de la Mare, as he was approaching the end of his life:     "My days are getting shorter, but there is  more and more magic.  More than in all poetry.  Everything is increasingly wonderful and beautiful."

Yes, everything is increasingly wonderful and beautiful.

Yesterday travellers arrived on our Green and there is now a caravan encampment below our window. Very very frustrating for me as I would love to be able to go down there with my Bible and some publications and knock on some caravan doors. But I just can't. It takes me all my time to walk round the flat now.

The Police have already been and apparently the legalities to move them on are under way.  And I accept that we can't have people living on the Green. But, so far, they are proving quiet and considerate neighbours.

Today I made an unsuccessful, but edible, chicken curry - a new recipe I won't be trying again. Finished the butterfly paperwork, talked to an American friend via internet, did some studying and some washing.  Tomorrow is the Dentist (urgh) and cake-making.

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