Monday, 8 July 2013

Murraymint, the too Good to Hurry Mint

We made our forty year anniversary and celebrated with Jackie, champagne, and a Thai meal. Followed by some excellent vanilla ice-cream and mango sorbet, also from Cooks.  And then we sat out on the balcony in the late evening - the cool of the day.

We have a lovely new speckled orchid for our orchid table.  An anniversary orchid.

And I hope that one day, Captain Butterfly and I will be celebrating our 400th anniversary, right here on the earth.  And our 4,000th.  IF we are  - if we "inherit the earth", as Jesus promised - then we will wonder at our having thought 40 years any time at all.

We already know how quickly it goes.  

"Would you like to spend the next 4,000 years with me, Captain B?"

But I never found out, as he pleaded the Fifth Amendment.

I arrived at the meeting very late yesterday morning, as I could not get the steering lock off the car.  I don't know whether its my arthritic hands or what - I had problems opening the door to the balcony the other day.  But when Captain B tried, both door and steering wheel worked perfectly for him.

Perhaps its all a matter of personality?

Anyway, he kindly came back early from his treasure hunt and rushed me up to the Kingdom Hall.   Which made me feel a lot better.

Then we watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon, in a great match against Novak Djokovic.  Wow, and Triple Wow.  The rallies seemed to go on for ever, and both sides played some impossible shots, and amazing saves.

I have come to admire the way that Andy and Kim Sears, his girlfriend, have refused to tabloidese their life.

Its very sunny this morning, so I hope to be studying on the balcony at some stage.  And, if there is any champagne left, maybe we will have a sundowner.   Captain B just brought me my lovely morning coffee with chocolate sprinkles on the top - and my morning sweetie (Vitamin C tablet).  Purr purr.

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