Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lunch with Lilies

White Water Lily, Nymphaea alba
The waterlilies are out at Arundel.  We had lunch there today. I can just totter from the Blue Badge parking space to the restaurant.  We had a rather uninspiring (but cheap) bowl of veggie soup and then I had a mug of foamy coffee while Col went off to photograph what was happening in the Reserve.  See the Captain's Log for details.

He has a lovely sequence of baby swallows demanding, and getting, food.

It was a classic summer day.  Hot. Clear blue sky. Everything so lush and green.  When Col went into the Farm Shop I waited in the car, looking over a field of waving grasses.  I can see now what I couldn't see as a child - when summer lasted forever - that there is already a feeling of the coming Autumn.

He very kindly posted the magazines for me. And we found Bob, one of my route calls who had moved.  Tracked him down to his new flat.  He seemed pleased and asked me in - and I met the dog. Must take doggy treats with me next time. I didn't know there was a dog.

I needed to get them all sent early this month as I enclosed an invitation to the Convention in Brighton this coming weekend.

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