Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Farewell, or Au Revoir?

Our travellers have gone.  The Green seems very empty suddenly.  The Men from the Council turned up yesterday with what I assume must have been eviction notices and, as quietly as they came, they left.

I wonder if they will come next year.  And if so, I wonder if I will be able to go down and say hello. If they do, I will if I can.

We had quite a lot of rain yesterday which we badly need.

Captain Butterfly was at home all day, working on his photograph library.  I made a veggie curry out of the potatoes and carrots that needed using up, and he shopped for some new supplies.

On the last day of July, I am thinking again of how long school summer holidays were.Wonderfully long for us children - perhaps just long for our parents.  They seemed to last forever, until that terrible day when Autumn and new term started.  I always love Autumn though, and never let the prospects of school spoil my love of it.

I suppose school holidays are harder on parents now, as kids can no longer spend all day playing outside, and so many mothers have to work full time, or are single parents.

Our Watchtower study article last week was about parents and children, and I was thinking yet again how wise Jehovah's ways are. When the Israelites were his people, and lived under his perfect law, children were taught by and with the extended family. They were not jammed together in schools in large groups of their peers.

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