Monday, 29 July 2013

Driving Miss Susan

To the meeting on Sunday morning, with my faithful chauffeur, who picked me up after the meeting and drove us to the shops - otherwise there would have been no food for our friends last night.

Both Public Talk and Watchtower study article contained what  I needed to hear - food (spiritual) at the right time.  And Ron came over to tell me that he, Jane and two others had gone down to our Gypsy Encampment, and had a lot of good talks and placed a lot of literature!

Then I got together an easy supper.  Lidl's smoked salmon on oatcakes,  Lasagne from Cooks plus a big salad with a classic dressing. Then my usual summer pudding - Eton mess, but made with Greek yoghourt.

And Captain B made us all coffee, with chocolate biscuits after.

An enjoyable  evening, and I hope it helped the friend who is going through a lot of emotional turmoil at the moment.

I have just re-read Barbara Pym's "Jane and Prudence".  It is so funny.

I am having a violent arthritis attack in my foot at the moment and have been zimmering slowly slowly round the flat. I hate having to use the zimmer frame but, now and again, there is no alternative.

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