Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Mini-Cakeathon begins - and Stevie Smith

Got two batches of marmalade muffins made on Thursday - plus a visit to the Dentist - 6-monthly check-up - and the meeting in the evening.  That was a hectic day for me and my knees, and I am still suffering for it (whine, whine). Captain Butterfly - in his Rescue Persona - left very early this morning for his second day as a steward at Goodwood.

"You can't leave me", I sobbed.  "Suppose I get stolen by the gypsies on the Green?!"

He muttered something about my being perfectly safe unless they had a heavy duty crane on site - and off he flew, packed lunch in tow.

We had such a lovely meeting on Thursday.  And I told the elders about the encampment and they are going to try and get someone down there to knock on the caravan doors and have a talk.  I am quite enjoying having the travelling families there - I was watching all the little children and puppies playing on the Green yesterday - they were having a wonderful time, they have drawn their caravans right up beside the playground - paradise for children, and I am wondering where they are going to go next when they are moved on from here.

I am still re-reading my poetry shelf and have got as far as Stevie Smith, the selected poems of.

Here are some tasters:

"In his fur the animal rode, and in his fur he strove
And oh it filled my heart my heart, it filled my heart with love."


And this on the death of a German philosopher:

"He wrote The I and the It
 He wrote The It and the Me
 He died at Marienbad
 And now we are all at sea."

It reminds me a little of the proposed philosophers strike in "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy".  "And who will THAT inconvenience?"

A quiet day stretches before me, I hope.  And I hope to achieve studying, replying to an interesting email from a friend in Oz, and dusting and polishing...  and a lot of lying down, reading poems, and whingeing to myself about my knees.

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