Saturday, 6 July 2013

Butterfly Numbers and Unnumbered Daisies

Butterfly numbers yesterday, but in the financial sense, in that I finally got my expense forms (for postage and envelopes) filled in and they are now scanned (by Captain Computer) and ready to go.   I must not leave them so long next time. Then just as I finished that there was a rattle at the letterbox and the next set of butterfly memberships came fluttering through!

I wondered about having a nervous breakdown but was saved by a lovely card from Dan and Gabi that arrived at the same time - a 40th Anniversary card no less.

Also got my studying done.   And some magazines, with letters - one to Ursula thanking her about her advice  for my hospital trip - I have met some lovely people going door to door - and one to Aunt Jo, hoping she is now re-installed in her flat.

It was the men's semi-finals at Wimbledon today. Excellent match between Djokovic and Del Potro - and a strange one between Murray and Janowicz, which was marred by an odd argument between them over whether or not the court should have the roof put up.    It was simpler in the days when there was no roof.  They just played until they could no longer see their opponent.

It has all been a bit too much tennis - though all excellent - the actual final could be an anti-climax after yesterday's matches.  But I rather long to be back at the Kingdom Hall where tennis does not matter in the least.

Captain Butterfly has bought me some more lovely photos back of the world outside.  There are seas of daisies everywhere.  I don't know what they are called. When we were children we called them Moonpenny Daisies.

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