Monday, 15 July 2013

A Weekend in Housebound Retirement

It wasn't totally housebound in that I did totter over to Jacks for supper.  Captain Butterfly was able to park right outside the house.  I have to carry loads of cushions with me now - the Arabian saddlebag cushions we bought years ago are proving very useful - as I need to have a high chair to sit on or my knees won't get me off it.

Jackie gave us salad, chicken dijon with rice, and strawberries with ice-cream.  A perfect summer supper - with champagne too!   We sat in her lovely conservatory for hours, laughing and enjoying the long summer evening.

Linda came over on Friday, and also joined Captain B at Arundel on Saturday to help him with his stall for Butterfly Conservation.  He would have been on his own otherwise -  I am about as much use as a chocolate teapot at the moment.

Audrey and i phoned each other every day for a chat as just about everybody else is at the Convention.

I had a very bad night on Saturday - very painful shoulder - could not sleep - moaned, groaned, got up, made tea, and had to take medicines - spent a couple of hours watching property programmes on the TV - saw some lovely houses on Corfu - pain began to ease - wonderful - thought I was in for another agonising 48 hours - tottered back to bed just as dawn was breaking.

Met Captain B over breakfast a couple of hours later. "Sorry about the disturbed night" I said.  "What disturbed night?  And where are my sandwiches?"  And he flew off, fresh as a daisy, to hunt for the Purple Emperor.

Here is a clue, in case you ever want to look for Purple Emperors too.  If you find something deeply unpleasant festering on a woodland path - something you would never want to step in, especially when wearing sandals - then you may well find a Purple Emperor feasting on that special something. They are not picky eaters.


  1. TO SUE
    A poem in iambic pentametre
    Suitable for Oratorio Libretti
    [if only I could write like Handel]
    By Izzy Ess of Happiness

    On making a significant strong contact
    With another person, there is a
    Re-affirmation of oneself in terms
    Of where one is in great perspective to
    The Human Race. At times, there is a rupture
    Of connections with one’s own blood relatives
    And life-long friends, one’s tenets and
    Beliefs. The other person may believe
    In other spirits, other patriotic
    Feelings and some other ways to get
    Along. These details do not matter. It’s
    Immediate effects on depth of thinking,
    Feeling and relating. An Epiphany
    Is what it feels like, as the one about
    Unfairness or the one about the Love
    That Jesus had to sacrifice his life
    To save us all from Anger, Fear and Retribution
    Strongly built into the God,
    The Father and Allah the other God,
    Who seems to be the same, if Jewish or
    Mohammedan. You’re wonderful to have
    The time and such creative energy
    To contact me and make me more aware
    Of what it is, this Truth, and what is really
    Making me confused, at times. Your empathy
    And understanding was quite unaccustomed
    And outstanding on your part,
    In helping me sort out my deepest conflicts.
    May God Bless you and your kith and kin,
    Compatriots and enemies. May God
    Forgive us all, and e’er continue doing
    So! May Love and Happiness be yours.



    © izzy sommers, md
    Welland, Canada
    July 31, 2013

  2. Thank you so much Izzy for this lovely lovely poem. I have PMd you