Saturday, 20 July 2013

Butterflies Redux and Moth Babies

Brown-tail, Euproctis chrysorrhoea
Here is the Guardian article about yesterday's Great Butterfly Race:

The Wood Whites won!   Though it was an honourable defeat for the Light Brigade - the Glanville Fritillaries - as points were even. Its just that the gallant WWs found two more species.

I liked this from Comments:   Isn't it lovely seeing all these butterflies again?
Last September I was getting all excited at seeing just a couple of Small Heaths, so poor the summer had been. This year I've had my identification skills taxed (and woefully exposed) seeing quite a number of Fritillaries. I have no idea what species they are, but I don't care. What joy!

Yes. Isn't that why Jehovah made butterflies so lovely - to give us joy?   They are like flying flowers.

Moths too. One of our moth babies just hatched. We found him on the lampshade yesterday. I could see his/her lovely white ruff.  He flew out during the night as we had all the windows open, so the difficult hours of his (or her?) adolescence went by in our sleep, which seems rather a good arrangement.

Catherine and Rob are coming for lunch today.


    1. FINALLY, I FOUND YOUR BLOG. THE BOOK when crocodiles eat the san has been on order for a month but so far all i have been offered is a torn up copy. i'm looking forward to reading it. in the meantime, i must say that your letter to me was great. it had a profound affect on me. all the best of peace and happiness for you and yours. Love, Izzy

    2. hello from welland, canada. i'm in the midst of moving to a cheaper rental and my world is somewhat chaotic now. nevertheless, i've tried to keep up on my blog and find it very cathartic and therapeutic. how are things with you? I'll try to be a reader of your blogs which have a much softer tone than mine, suggesting you have made your peace with God and everything. congratulations. I'm 75 and looking forward to the kind of peace you exude in every word. Love, dizzy izzy