Thursday, 3 January 2013

Thoughts about Calendars

Our new calendars - Captain Butterfly's Butterflies of 2012 - and the JW one - are now in situ, and I wondered, given that the JW calendar is (of course) a teaching one, if I shouldn't put it in my blog every two months.  Think think

But first, I am trying to think what I did today and yesterday...   Mark O' the Waxwings came over for tea and biscuits yesterday afternoon - and this morning, I went for yet another blood test.  One day, as I crawl into the surgery for my millionth test, they will look all triumphant and say they have diagnosed me at last.  It will turn out that I am severely anaemic...

Then we shopped.  At Sainsburys. Did a massive restock. And I made yesterday's quorn mince into a shepherds pie.  We had it with spaghetti yesterday.   It was quite nice.  Tonight was the meeting at the Kingdom Hall.  Lovely to see everyone again.  And I needed that teaching.  Kind young Isaac was waiting at the bottom of the path and helped me in.

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