Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Clouds like mountains

The snow sky has lifted this morning, we have some sunlight coming through, and the line of clouds like mountains that often lie along the far side of The Channel are back.  I have just been re-reading Lauren Elder's "And I Alone Survived".  She was in a small plane with two others - the pilot and another passenger - which crashed in the Sierra Nevada, right at the top of one of the highest peaks.  When the plane was finally found, rescuers had to climb up to it, the spot was so inaccessible.

Behind them was a winter wilderness of rocky mountains, and in front of them was a sheer drop of thousands of feet to the desert floor.

All three survived the crash, but only Lauren Elder survived to tell the tale.  It is an extraordinary story and I believe it was filmed. But I don't think the film will have come anywhere near the immediacy of the book.

Lara is coming round this afternoon so we can go through my talk which I have to give in the Ministry School on Thursday. We will be in the second school, but if there is more snow and not everyone can get, we might find ourselves on the platform.

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