Friday, 11 January 2013

A Mystery Solved

Bohemian Waxwings, Bombycilla garrulus
The waxwings are back in town!

The current issue of the Awake magazine has solved a problem for me. I have been wondering why I am on a cancer medication.   I didn't realise until it was the cancer nurse who turned up to supervise my first injection and sit with me afterwards. I never thought to ask him why.

Is there something they haven't told me?

However, in an interview, Dr.Paola Chiozzi (a molecular biologist) says, speaking of the body's highly controlled and complex programme of cell death: "Some studies indicate that when cells fail to die as they should, rheumatoid arthritis or cancer may result. On the other hand, when cells die before they should, it could cause Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease."
("Awake!", January 2013,pp.6,7)

There is the connection. And it is a chilling one. But, if correct, it may indicate the area of genetic damage that affected me, my mother, my granny and who knows how many of my forebears.

She speaks of her study of the complex mechanisms of cellular biology, and says: "The process is so well-designed that it's absolutely awe-inspiring."

She could see, clearly, not only that the body is beautifully designed - as the Psalmist says: "in a fear-inspiring way, I am wonderfully made" - but also that it was made to last forever.  Why doesn't it?

Anyway, if you want to read her story, how she found out, then please accept copies of the current magazines when they are offered to you at the door.  Or go to the Society's website:

The butterfly paperwork for December arrived yesterday, and I did all the computer work, but am stymied when it comes to sending out the membership packages as I haven't to enough supplies. Mark o' the Waxwings is calling in with some more supplies next week.

My own fault. I took my eye off the ball. Frustrating though as I like to get them done, dusted and sent out asap.

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