Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How I became a Twitcher's wife.

"The waxwings are in town!"    Captain B and his cameras hurtled out the door and weren't seen again till lunchtime.  "I'll take you out to lunch" he said.  "Where?"  "The waxwings are now in Lewes!"   Cameras, hurtle, door, drive drive, through a beautiful winter day, the first day of the new year, screech to halt at roadside where a mob of twitchers are assembled with cameras and binoculars, and (later) lunch at The Giant's Rest.

I did my studying in the car, while watching the birds come and go and pose prettily.

Our Bible verse for 2013 is Joshua 1:9:  "Be courageous and strong... Jehovah your God is with you."

We will need to be courageous and strong and trust in Jehovah with all our hearts as this old system on the earth comes to its end.

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