Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lord Fifthgear

If I ever meet the inventor of the fifth gear - Sir Edmund Fifthgear perhaps? - it will be a test of my new Christian personality.  I herkyjerked the car out on one magazine route call yesterday, plus a trip to the shops.

It was a sad call, as my householder, a lovely guy who had taken early retirement, has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  What to say, beyond how sorry I am, and not to give up hope.   I did say a little about what the Bible has to say about death.  There is nothing more comforting and more reassuring. It tells us that death is a dreamless sleep, held close in "the everlasting arms",  with a wonderful awakening at the other end.

He and his wife are coping with it in a calm commonsense way.  They are selling their house, as she does not want to be left alone in a large house, and are looking for a suitable flat.  I said that we are very happy with our decision to move into a flat at retirement.  They have looked at our block, but noted that they rarely come up for sale.

I also did some shopping.  And have started on the paper mountain - lots of things to reply to. Two letters done yesterday (Kathryn, and the Broomhill KH).  And Captain Butterfly has parcelled up a camera for Gabi.

He is off on his woodland work this morning, clearing rides for butterflies.  So I am hoping to hitch up a sledge to my butterfly team and have them drive me off to the post office with his parcel.

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