Friday, 18 January 2013

A symphony in grey and white

The balcony is white with snow, the Green is white, and snow is clinging to the balcony rails.   Beyond it the Channel is steely grey with white horses - and there is a lighter grey snow sky above it. It has been snowing heavily since about 7.30, but seems to be stopping.  And it does seem to be thawing rather than freezing.

There are a few small touches of red - some valiant balcony geraniums still flowering through the snow, and my little geranium car keeping warm under its snow hoodie.

I rang up this morning to see if my hydrotherapy session was still on.  It was. But they rang later, just as we were having an early lunch, to cancel. They must have decided it would be safer to leave early today. The snow is clearly much worse inland.

We hope to be able to drive the huskies over to Jackie tomorrow for supper. And all I really have to do today is to make us a roast chicken dinner for tonight and start my studying for Sunday.

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