Saturday, 26 January 2013

Not doing much

It was a sunny day, but cold.  And I have done nothing really.  Back and legs v painful after my Olympic exertions of yesterday.   So rather a depressing day, except for a lovely link which Valerian sent me to a New Zealand Convention, with Maori brothers and sisters singing the closing song, the one which includes the line: "He soon will awaken those sleeping in death".

That makes me think of my dear aged parents.  And reminds me that i have loving brothers and sisters all over the world.

Oh and a Kathryn postcard came, which was nice.

Col was out photographing what I have been categorizing as finches, but are in fact (I am sternly informed) crests.  And he has rather a charming Kingfisher.  I did get the sheets washed, and made a potato curry. And studied.  And provided the hungry hunter of crests with a hot meal when he got in.  But nothing else to speak of, so a pretty wasted day.

But I feel pretty wasted.  Moan, moan, whinge, whinge.

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