Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Out on the field service

Got out this morning, which is sunny but cold, and did 45 minutes work with Audrey. Not much, but as much as I could cope with.  A calm Channel today.

Mark O' the Waxwings came round yesterday for coffee, bringing a fresh supply of butterfly paperwork, so the membership packages are done, if not quite dusted. We have to take them to the Post Office this afternoon.

We got our 4 inches of snow yesterday.  It fell very quickly. I was up at about 6 and looked out the window. No snow.  Got up again at about 8, and it was a white world with snow still falling.  It looked lovely, and it disappeared very quickly.


  1. Hello John the Poet - I will have to have a word with my resident cameraman, Captain Butterfly. Although I don't think that the subject of me and Audrey tottering door to door on our walking sticks would be a very inspiring one. Maybe I can find an older and more flattering photo to publish. I only did 45 minutes and I can barely walk!