Friday, 25 January 2013

My Olympic Swimming Gold

I guess all three of us in the hydrotherapy pool this afternoon got the gold. We had to race each other across the pool a few times, and all ended up with 4 points each. (Glows with pride.)

Martin was so lovely and kind about my talk - and Lara was a great householder. Anyway, I am now signed off in the "Illustrations From Familiar Situations" slot.  And possibly the next time I appear in the School it will be as a householder.

So, my day today was spent doing a couple of loads of washing, and studying in the morning, and exercise in the afternoon. And I cooked the Captain a full English breakfast for his tea. He came back from Arundel laden down with bacon and sausages. They have a great butcher and deli at the bottom of the hill.

Will I get back out on the field service tomorrow?  Its so urgent.  This present system of things on the earth is rapidly coming to an end. I think more and more people are aware of it too.

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