Thursday, 1 November 2012

History written in advance

Yesterday was a busy morning only in the phone-call sense:  Captain Dive Holiday, Bea, Jackie, Maggie and Audrey all called for a chat. Which was very nice as I had no plans to go anywhere or see anyone.   Weatherwise, it was like a mad March morning - strong wind, blowing and blowing, big waves racing at the Green, and a blue sky with scudding white clouds, with a brief monsoon.

The sound of the sea was wonderful - the power of the waves!  And it was a wild and stormy night.  Calmer today though.  And, now, mid-afternoon the sky is blue with big fluffy clouds and the sea is turquoise, white horses racing along.

Hobbled out to Waitrose, and then its the meeting tonight.  Its the Theocratic Ministry School Review  - 10 questions mainly about Ezekiel and Daniel.

Daniel contains that spine-tingling 70 weeks prophecy, which not only told the Jews the year that the Messiah would appear on the earth, but said that he would be cut off in death with "nothing for himself", and that afterwards Jerusalem and the Temple would be desolated. As they were, when Titus and the Roman armies came up against Jerusalem in 70 C.E.  The Arch of Titus stands in Rome to this day as a reminder of how exactly that prophecy was fulfilled.

The strengthening thing about studying fulfilled prophecy is that it gives such an assurance that everything else Jehovah has prophesied will come about.

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