Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Captain is back on shore...

... after 10 days mainly spend under the Indian Ocean with the Shoal.  He has had a wonderful time - bought back more amazing photos - even of some tropical butterflies which seem to be thriving on the tiny island.  See the Captain's Log for some tropiciana.

It is cold but sunny today. Audrey and I managed an hour on the doors, but I am very slow and creaky.  I think I overdid it a bit yesterday, getting the flat fettled for the Return, making the apple crumble etc.  I also had a doctor's visit and took my library books back.  Nothing at all a few years ago, but this year, rather like a marathon.

Audrey has a part on stage in the Ministry School on Thursday night.

Here is a tiny poem I wrote about a trip to the tropics (Thailand) many years ago:

Breakfast in Asia

Frangipani blossom in a plastic cup
and the sprinklers singing
in the cool morning air
as the sun revs up.

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