Sunday, 18 November 2012

The beauty and the glory of the world

The sun is setting over the English Channel.  The sea is a pale clear blue, with a soft pink sky immediately about it shading into blue.  There are birds flying across the colours - notes in the sunset - and people out on the Green still.

The Circuit Overseer in his talk today reminded us never to take the beauty of the world for granted. And I hope I don't.  That first paradise moment in the blackened stone garden in Sheffield with May blossom lying everywhere came back to me vividly as I approached middle age, and I began to look for the Creator of it all to thank Him.

And I found the truth of Jesus words, that, if you keep on seeking, you will find.

Captain B phoned me from Derbyshire.  He should be back tomorrow. And I managed to get out on the work this afternoon and yesterday afternoon. Only 15 minutes in each case.  Yesterday wasn't too wonderful, though I did manage to deliver my last but one set of magazines on my magazine route.

The Watchtower for this month has an article explaining what it is we are praying for when we ask for God's Kingdom to come.  I  wonder how many people who say that prayer know how the Bible explains it. I didn't, until I talked to the Jehovah's Witnesses who called.

And then I knew.

Today, having gritted my teeth and done the long (for me) and grown up (for me) bit of driving required, I found the householder I was seeking at home. She remembered me - from over a month ago! - wanted the new magazines, and would like me to deliver December's.   I hope to be able to talk to her a bit more next time. She is a young mum.

I hope to be able to take Maggie out on her magazine route tomorrow, and Audrey on Tuesday.  I think I feel marginally better today - though my shoulder is playing up horribly.

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