Saturday, 10 November 2012


Bea is almost back on line!   We got a brief, truncated email a couple of days ago, and then a phone call.  She now has Windows8 and needs some help from her Technical Advisor (Cousin Simon).

I am still using Windows1066, and sturdy little peasant pixels still load my requests into their wooden waggons, harness up the horses, and drive them to the Googleface.  I am content with it, but for how much longer will it be allowed?

Not able to go on the work this morning as my visit to the doctor and library yesterday afternoon have almost crippled me...   hardly any distance either... its ridiculous.  But I must get to the meeting tomorrow and recharge my batteries.  I hope to have some achievements for today, but they will have to be achieved without my moving much.

Could I manage some great thoughts and commentary on the results of the American Presidential elections?  I couldn't yesterday and can't today, as surely "the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places" remain in charge whoever gets in?   And they will do so until we have "the new heavens" - the new rulership from the heavens, the incoming Kingdom of God for whose coming Jesus taught us to pray.

And under those "new heavens", we will have a new society on earth.  A new earth.

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