Wednesday, 14 November 2012


view from Heyshott escarpment
Hard to know what to write about. Except that I did get out yesterday - an hour on the door to door preaching work - and then to the Kingdom Hall in the evening. We have an extra meeting this week as we are being visited by our new Circuit Overseer.

He gave us an inspiring talk - though guilt-making in my case, as I can't claim to be doing all that much of the preaching work at the moment.

I am embroiled in trying to chase Audrey's wheeled shopping bags through the strange world of buying things by post from a mysterious catalogue. After several eons waiting on the phone (as it told me how much it valued my business and played music at me) I was clicked through to what may have been the planet Neptune.   I was tempted to start humming music at the Neptunian who answered and telling him how much I valued being his customer, but i controlled myself and spelled out my problem.

The Spaceman seemed to know about my order - so they had clearly cashed my cheque! - knew which planet I was on and what my space code was.  They had been "trying" to deliver the order to me - apparently - but had failed.  They would try again.  Could they give me a time - to the nearest eon?  Sharp intake of breath - more than my jobs worth etc.

But their spaceship would arrive with the goods.  Or it wouldn't.

It hasn't improved my temper any - and these steroids are not helping.

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