Saturday, 3 November 2012


The last Autumnwatch last night!   However, there will be a Winterwatch - I think and hope from the same beautiful spot in Scotland.   Highlight for me were the beavers getting in their cache of logs for the Winter, with the babies helping by bringing their own twiglets.  And two little beaver kits getting hold of the same twig, having a tug of war over it, and knocking themselves into the water.

There were twigs galore too!  No need to fight, but Suecius she say: "The twig in the other kit's mouth is always greener".

They all looked so happy and contented, busy with satisfying work, the little ones both learning and playing. We also saw a brief interaction between beaver and otter.  There was a little bit of dancing at each other in the water, but otherwise it was fine. Apparently beaver and otter families have been known to happily share the same lodge.

Perhaps we could learn something...

And the horrendous fights of the stags for their herd of lady deer - after which, once the ladies come into season, they go off and choose their own stag anyway.  And the fight between two male hedgehogs for a beautiful, if prickly, lady.

They excelled themselves in AW this year - I am just sad it was so short.

Very overcast this morning.  Apparently it is snowing, or will snow, on the Brecon Beacons.  I hope to get out on the door to door work, but it wont be for long, as my knee and shoulder were keeping me awake last night.  But we so much want people to know about the wonderful promises in the Bible, how the whole earth will be brought back to Paradise - nature will no longer be "red in tooth and claw" - and the meek (those meek towards their Creator) will inherit it - and "reside forever upon it".

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