Friday, 23 November 2012


Odd, this furore over the vote against women bishops in the General Synod of the Church of England.   Surely the real question is not whether women should be bishops, but why have bishops and archbishops at all?  Why Bishop's palaces? Why is there a paid clergy?

Did my Blue Badge interview yesterday with a very nice young physio - a British Asian guy who went to Uni in my hometown - so we had a chat about that. As he is a physio, I feel I must accept his verdict on whether I get a badge or not without complaining.   He can see clearly how the arthritis is progressing.  If I don't get the badge, I can appeal again in a year. And, if this new medicine does not work, I will be a lot worse by then.

A sign of the times. They had a security strip round the wall, so wherever you were in the room you could press for help!   And they don't give you the verdict on the spot. It comes by post.

I suppose that is to stop us rejected candidates from springing across the table and thumping the physio delivering the verdict.  It says something about the increase of violence that it's needed though.

He was safe enough from me however and could have given me the verdict then and there. Even if it had turned out unfavourable, my days of leaping across tables and attacking people are long gone. In fact, they never existed.  I don't think people attacked doctors and nursing staff back then.

Mark is coming for lunch today - fish and chips and Waitrose ice-cream, so no cooking required.

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