Friday, 9 November 2012

The Joys of Arthritis

This will have to be a very short blog, as i can't actually think of any.  I am sitting here on a sunny Autumn day and would love to do my favourite walk down to the river and watch the tide coming and going, but I can't, as I can't move much.

I really understand what my mother and grandmother went through and hope i can stay as cheerful and stoical as they did.

At any rate, I have the internet, which they did not - and can chat to people all over the world. I can witness to sometimes even though I can't go out.   I am in the middle of an email at the moment about the holidays of Halloween and St.Valentines - and why a Christian should not be celebrating either of them.

Captain Jet  has gone hurtling off on a Metal Detecting weekend, with his usual package of sandwiches.  I was able to use up the last of his welcome home chicken in them.  And with that spell-binding and dramatic fact, I had better finish before i send my readership to sleep.

I suppose I could say something interesting and to the point about the American election results...

... no, sorry, I can't think of anything.

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