Friday, 27 July 2012

Two Thousand Years of Happy Memories

Col drove us to Kithurst Hill this morning, very early. He wanted me to see the meadow full of Chalkhill Blues. But, and here is a sad landmark, I could no longer reach the meadow.  I managed to stagger as far as the flower filled verge, where I sat on our new chair and waited while Col disappeared down into the meadow and photographed.  Then he came back and got me and I staggered back to the car park and sat in the car while he did another 20 mins photographs.

I did my studying, out there, in the loveliness of the summer creation. And I thought, as I always think at the Hill, of Col and me maybe going there two thousand years from now.  Life "to time indefinite" in the restored earthly Paradise is an undeserved kindness, so we can hope.  Will it all be forest then, or will we have preserved the downland?   Surely there will be no carpark needed?   And I wonder, as I always do, will we think of how we used to come here, back in the days of imperfection, when Satan ruled all the kingdoms of the world?

With almost two thousand years of happy memories behind us, maybe we won't.

Jacks is coming for supper tomorrow - hurray - and I have decided to make us a chile.  A beef chile.  I have a recipe i learnt at a Tex Mex cookery class in the Land of Expat many years ago.  Its always turned out well, but the secret is to make it the day before.  So Captain B says he will come back early, with the beef, and we will go to the supermarket for the rest.  Hopefully I will cook it this evening and make the small small things to go with it on Saturday.  Ice cream and a cheese plate for afterwards I think.

An evening with Jackie, and an afternoon with my siblings at the Bognor Regis Kingdom Hall are going to be the best medicine for me.

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