Sunday, 22 July 2012


I have missed the lushness of summer so far - when we have had it that is - as I haven't been able to go out on any of these expeditions this year.  Is this permanent, or will I come back on line?  I miss my trips to Kithurst Hill.

We had supper at Jacks last night - smoked salmon, lasagne, salad, cheesecake, cheese - our usual lovely evening.

IF I can keep myself moving i hope have a busy week in the truth coming up. Field service with Audrey on Tuesday and Saturday, on the Bible study Thursday morning, and out with a young pioneer sister on Thursday afternoon.  We all, the seven million plus of us in the worldwide congregations, got another powerful reminder of the urgency of the preaching work today.  "Do we appreciate that this is the time for us to apply ourselves even more zealously to sounding out the entreaty: "Become reconciled to God"? 2 Cor.5:20

And our Watchtower study reminded us that Jesus compared the days we are living in now to the days of Noah.

While we were looking through Col's photos for the day, I mistook a tortoiseshell butterfly for a peacock -  a peacock butterfly, not a peacock bird!   Captain Butterfly is still in shock.  The Butterfly Board will probably have to impeach me and remove me as Membership Secretary.  "At least I knew it was a butterfly" doesn't seem to cut it.

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