Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Moaning Minnie

I don't think I'm brave enough to have arthritis.  I am too much of a wimp.  My mother was heroic and stoical about it.  How will I be, with my backbone of solid custard?  Anyway, I await diagnosis of my current problems which will take a couple of weeks I think.  Col is so lovely. He took me to the Hall last night and picked me up.  And it was wonderful to be at the meeting, to hear the teaching, to be with my siblings.   I was supposed to be out on the work both morning and afternoon today. But, the plans of mice and men...  although did I just see a pair of mice toiling up the road with their Bibles and Watchtower magazines?

Hurray for them, if so.

So what i must do, apart from resting my legs and trying to get the swelling down, and studying, and at least some housework, is to try to do some witnessing via the internet. The Bible's message is so important, so urgent.  Jesus compared the days we live in now to the days of Noah, before the flood.

Col and Mark are off chasing the wild butterfly herds in Hampshire. And my big adventure for the day was tottering out onto the balcony with books and a cup of tea, and doing my studying while looking out over one of Jehovah's grand creations, the beautiful English Channel, and getting my dose of sunshine.

From which you will deduce that it is another sunny day here by the English Channel.

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