Friday, 6 July 2012


Two spectacular sunsets - one last night - see photo - and one on the previous night when I was driving back from the Kingdom Hall.  I was out with Jean the next day and we were talking about how wonderful it was. There was a sort of cloud column rainbow in the sky.  And there will never be another sunset like it.   I hope to see millions upon millions of sunsets, and not one will be the same as the other, such is the glory of Jehovah's creation.

Anyway, the Zimmer twins, Jean and me, creaked up to our student's flat yesterday morning, and after I had asked Jehovah for his spirit to be with us, we had a lovely study together.  We all felt very happy as we left.  The afternoon was taken up with Butterfly bureaucracy, as the first batch of new members for July arrived.  Captain and Mrs Butterfly (me) are just about to release the membership packages at the Post Office.

We are looking forward to Wimbledon this afternoon.  Its cloudy and overcast, but not scheduled to rain here.  Floods, severe floods, forecast for a lot of the country.  Hopefully the Centre Court roof will be rainproof.  I am trying to type up my notes from the Brighton Convention... my handwriting... never good... so bad now with the arthritis.  Its as if a clutch of spiders had fallen into a bottle of whisky, got drunk, staggered out, fallen into a bottle of ink, got out and crawled all over my notebook.  Only not as neat as that.

Anne of the Cape and I are talking about Genesis and Job at the moment.  We hope she will make it over here for a visit one day.

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