Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Saved by Mark

I just got back from the field service with Audrey - we didn't make it to the group but did some route calls and then I took her shopping - and got wet as its been a rainy day - and was getting lunch ready when Captain B said that Mark had rung, they were going to attempt a Butterfly Hunt and two lunches were needed.  Assuming he meant two packed lunches, I made an extra sandwich box up. But he didn't, he meant Mark was coming for lunch and then they would go out.  And he did, and they did.  Which saved me from being caged in the flat with a stir crazy butterflyless Captain all afternoon.

Restarted the Cakeathon by making a batch of marmalade muffins, studied, fell asleep, and managed to lose my Convention notebook.  Hopefully it will turn up. Its only a two bed flat after all.

The young brother, a carpenter, who will be staying at the weekend rang to check our address.  And Anne of the Cape and I are back in email contact again.

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