Thursday, 19 July 2012

Synchronised Zimmering

I am wondering if a few of my sisters and me shouldn't go for Olympic gold next year?  We've left it a bit late this year as, in order to finish in time for the Closing Ceremony, we would need to start a good few weeks ahead of the Opening one.  Our movements, though stunningly graceful and synchronised to the utmost, will be on the slow side. And we will need lots of pit stops for nice hot cups of tea as we go through our routine.

Its a lovely day here.  Captain Butterfly left in a blur of cameras before 7 this morning.  And I have been out on the balcony studying my Watchtower and getting some sun. We are being reminded that Jehovah is the great Timekeeper, and that He will act in time to save the earth from being ruined, as He has promised.

Of the wildflowers Bea planted for us, only the cornflowers have come up. But they are doing really well, and their tender blue goes beautifully with our clashing red geraniums.

Took Maggie out on her magazine route yesterday morning - in the drizzle.  Scary driving - for me - but, with lots of praying, we got it done. And I was out with Audrey on the Tuesday, finishing our magazine routes.   I should have been at the study this morning, but the brother who conducts it is taking another sister along this week. We are trying to help our student get to know the brothers and sisters in the congregation, so that when he starts coming to the meetings - as he says he will! - he will feel at home.

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