Monday, 23 July 2012

The Diary of a Nobody

Its evening, and the sun is going down.  The sky, as it meets The Channel, is a pale mushroomy pink, and the sea is a light, bright, tender blue - and its calm.  The tide is going out.  

By the time Col got out to photograph the sunset, the colours had changed, the pink and the blue had swapped round.

Today this is the Diary of a Nobody Doing Nothing.  We did shop - went to our amazing new garden centre and found a folding chair that might enable me to go out with the Captain on some of his Butterfly expeditions.  And I did my studying on the balcony - and got some sunshine. And made us lunch and tea.  But that is pretty much it.  Oh, and Wit emailed me from Holland with some more questions about the Bible.  And I sent him the answers.

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