Monday, 9 July 2012

My Wimbledon Career

With all the grunting and groaning I am doing (re my poor arthritic knees), I feel I should be a natural for Wimbledon, as making a terrible groaning noise every time you hit the ball seems to be de rigeur for the Wimbledon ladies nowadays. That would be no problem for me, and if any Tennis Talent Scout was passing and heard me, he would think Raw Young Talent, and sign me up.

"Yes", said Captain B, "apart from the Young and the Talent".

We were on our way to the shops I think. He also ran me up to Janet's with a sackload of cakes as there was an urgent call for supplies at the meeting on Sunday.  We are on the last big push for the new Kingdom Hall build.  Our neighbours have been wonderful. Three of them have sacrificed their garages for the duration; and one garage is now storing materials, one is the (temporary!) loo, and one is the office.  We had two of the young builders stay with us on Saturday night.

I got back from the meeting in time to see the second half of the Murray match. He did very well, but Federer did better.  We do think though that if Andy M could have got his first serve to work as it was working earlier in the tournament, the result could have been different.  I am hoping for a quiet day of catching up today.

Am now wearing my Dorothy of South Island recommended orthotics.  I think they are helping my knees already...

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