Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Captain Butterfly nearly got caught in a hailstorm just before lunch today.  There was a flash of thunder and a crash of lightning as a warning and he made it to his car before the hailstones arrived!  I associate thunderstorms in July with hotter weather than we have had.  It is now pouring down. Second torrential downpour of the day here by the English Channel.  Its the meeting tonight, if we aren't flooded out.

On the work with Audrey yesterday morning - but I was very very tired and rather lacklustre.

I shopped early this morning and posted off the next lot of butterfly paperwork, namely my expense forms and receipts for all the posting of butterfly packages.

Everything looks lovely outside with the drama of the storm.  The Channel is getting a bit stormy, the Green is an especially deep and vivid green and the clashing red and pink geraniums on our balcony are dancing away.  They remind me a bit of my lost admirer, Maurice the Mussel.  What a dancer he was!  I haven't been able to totter down to the beach for months.

I hope a seagull hasn't dared to eat him.

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